While Mitt Romney encourages the more bellicose wing of his party to temper their partisan positions, and while Speaker John Boehner tells GOP legislators to get in line and get ready to compromise, and while the GOP-elite spin machine prepares to unleash an unprecedented campaign of Hispandering in a last-ditch effort to save the party from the demographic cliff, the conservative blogosphere is buzzing with stories about voter fraud. Claims are being made that Obama's GOTV apparatus was really a sophisticated fraud designed to steal the election.

There's no doubt Democrats engaged in fraudulent actions; there've been 52 arrests so far. Heck, Democrat Rep. James Moran's son resigned over a video of him coaching voters on how to commit election fraud. The question is whether it's possible that there could have been enough fraud to swing the election. Presidential elections are decided by electoral votes, and the nature of that system makes it highly unlikely that fraud in any one district, city, region, or even state would have much of an impact on the results. 

In order to pull off such a caper, one would require a sophisticated, well-funded operation capable of targeting districts in multiple states and key neighborhoods in swing states. One might need the entire vote total in some districts - like the 59 precincts in Philadelphia where Romney didn't get a single vote. Nothing helps fraud like privacy, so it might help if you can physically remove the opposition party's poll watchers, like Democrat operatives did in some Philly wards.  If you can do that, you can get voter turnout to 90-95% in transient neighborhoods, by having operatives vote over and over using names of people who've moved or died and are still registered. That's how you can win a state despite losing 55 of 67 counties

But that's just one swing state. There are other swing states, and that protects us, right? I mean, you can't commit fraud en masse and not have anyone notice, right? 

Those states aren't the only ones with reports of fraud and intimidation. When you look at the areas where fraud is alleged, a pattern emerges. Key districts were targeted in swing states, and operatives did whatever they felt they needed to do to deliver those states to Obama. The sheer size and scope of the fraud is unprecedented, but then the level of media adoration for Obama is unprecedented as well. Also unprecedented are the forces that direct Obama. We know George Soros, Obama's sugar daddy,  instructed him to spare no effort to engineer victory, and it looks like it's entirely possible Obama did exactly that. 

It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry won a race in middle school by getting a head start. Just like Jerry, Obama expects to get away with it, because he'll never have to race again. 

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